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Astrological Info:Gemini
Chinese Astrological Info:Dragon. I...don't remember what that means.
Describe yourself visually:5'7ish, proportionately figured, long-ish curly brown hair, brown eyes, glasses usually
Five Character Traits/Positive:Personable, optomistic, ambitious, hard-working, amusing
Five Character Traits/Negative:perfectionist, naive, excessively loud, procrastinator, obsessive
Do you lead a healthy lifestyle?: I swim a lot? Yeah, generally.

The Details
Favorites:EWAN OMG, attractive boys, theatre, string instruments, autumn, dorky things.
Not-So-Favorites:calculus, ingnorance, unnecessary drama, turnip greens
strengths:Outgoing and friendly, easy to talk to, generous, deeply loving, strong leader, academically inclined, slow to anger, explosive vocabularian
Weaknesses:I tend to trust people too easily and therefore am disappointed often; I can be bossy and a perfectionist; on the rare occasion that I do get angry, it's pretty terrifying.

This or That?
Good of Mankind or Good of the Company?good of mankind...on most occasions
Profit or Charity?charity
Bacon or Bran?bacon. mmm.
Blue or Gray?blue
Color or no-Color?color
Cats or Dogs?
Mexican or Italian?Italian, generally.
Motorcycle or Airplane?Airplane...I fly those.
Star Wars or Star Trek?STAR WARS HOLY CRAP.

The Movie's Details
Favorite Movie Character and Why:I heart Lincoln 6-E. He is terribly indearing because of how innocent he is. Also, he appeals to me because he's inquisitive and always is looking for something better. doesn't hurt that he's SUPERHOT.
Least Favorite and why:Eh. I feel inclined to say Merrick. He's an excellent villian, only concerned for himself and the advancement of his assets. He'll stop at nothing to get what he believes is rightfully his.
Would you Clone Yourself if you could live forever/fight any disease?:Nope. Living forever would be terribly depressing because you would inevitably lose everyone you loved. Also, death is not something I fear, so I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it and not worry much.
What is your opinion on Cloning?Cloning for medical purposes (ie organ transplants, cures for diseases, etc) is great. I'm all for it. Human cloning, however, seems like a selfish thing to me, and an unnecessary one.
Do you think we should have laws regulating it?Yeah, lots.
Quote a Movie Line. Just for Fun.:"That tongue thing is amazing."

This is the Picture section. Posting pictures makes people squee and we're all camwhores at heart anyway. Please post at least three I don't have any of me in my glasses...alas.
Image hosted by suckas Me=far right. with the earrings.
Image hosted by Why thanks, my dress is great, isn't it. 8D
Image hosted by ...hmm
Image hosted by Photobucket.comquite a good one, I think.
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