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Name: Beth
Age: 17
Astrological Info: Taurus
Chinese Astrological Info: Dragon ^^ Rawr.
Describe yourself visually:Brown hair, olive green/gold eyes, not skinny.
Five Character Traits/Positive: Creative, Compassionate, Loyal to the bone, Comic Relief,Eccentric. ^^
Five Character Traits/Negative: Lazy, Manic Depressed, Annoying, Can be a bitch, Know-it-all. [Well, know-it-sometimes]
Do you lead a healthy lifestyle?: I work out, or try too.

The Details
Favorites:Theatre, Acting, Ewan Mcgregor and anything accociated with him.
Not-So-Favorites: Fangirls.
Strengths: Hopelessly Romantic, Overemotional
Weaknesses: Hopelessly Romantic, Overemotional. The Renovatio yacht.

This or That?
Good of Mankind or Good of the Company? Good of Mankind
Profit or Charity? More profit so I can give more to charity! xD.
Bacon or Bran? Bacon
Blue or Gray? Blue
Color or no-Color? Color
Cats or Dogs? Dogs.
Mexican or Italian? Italian
Motorcycle or Airplane? Yachts! The Renovatio.
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars.

The Movie's Details
Favorite Movie Character and Why: Lincoln Six-Echo. Why, because he's an incredibly likeable character. Sweet, naive, cute, wants to do anything to help others.
Least Favorite and why: I don't really have one.
Would you Clone Yourself if you could live forever/fight any disease?: No. Because I believe in living life to the fullest so you don't need to live forever. [And thats because my Mum is dying of Cancer and that had brought me to understanding the shortness of life..Blah blah blah.]
What is your opinion on Cloning? Depends on my mood. Can I have a clone of Ewan so he can sing to me?
Do you think we should have laws regulating it? Yes.
Quote a Movie Line. Just for Fun.: Whats with all the biting!

This is the Picture section. Posting pictures makes people squee and we're all camwhores at heart anyway. Please post at least three:

Me, smiling...
Image hosted by
Me and a guy named John...
Image hosted by
Me on the Renovatio...
Image hosted by
Kidding! Thats the yacht, but thats not me.

Me and the adorable Zoey!
Image hosted by

Thats all folks. Unless you want some more pictures of the yacht...
Image hosted by


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Definately a Lincoln Six-Echo to me.
Probably. I'm not completely Tom but I'm like him. ^^ Its that b-e-a-utiful yacht.
I'm in between Lincoln Six-Echo and Jones Three-Echo, but I think Lincoln Six-Echo is the one I'll choose :)