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Valentine Two-Beta

The Details
Favorites: Star Wars, video games, Roleplaying, vampires, werewolves, the internet, Gilbert Grape, horror movies, soap operas
Not-So-Favorites: Fighting parents, being left out, being tortured emotionally, being laughed at
strengths: When I really want something, I don't quit until I get it. Loyalty. I give good advice. I'm a good listener.
Weaknesses: I'm easily frustrated if things don't work out. I second guess myself.

This or That?
Good of Mankind or Good of the Company? Company
Profit or Charity? Charity
Bacon or Bran? Bran
Blue or Gray? Blue
Color or no-Color? Color
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Mexican or Italian? Mexican
Motorcycle or Airplane? Motorcycle
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars

The Movie's Details
Favorite Movie Character and Why: Lincoln Six Echo! He's so innocent. He really just wants to live life and experience it. He is also so very loyal/loving to Jordan Two Delta. Lincoln, even when he's exposed to "corruption", comes out as the same sweet natured person. It's awesome.
Least Favorite and why: The angry clone. I forget his name, but the guy who was all, "I've been here seven years!" and then got stabbed in the neck by a needle. I just found him annoying. He was impatient and lashed out at everyone while sucking up to Merrick. He's like a school bully.
Would you Clone Yourself if you could live forever/fight any disease?: I don't think I'd be able to. If the clones were like the movie ones, I mean. I couldn't kill another person just so I could live. If it's my time to die, then I'll die. I'm curious as to what's after death anyway.
What is your opinion on Cloning? I'm fine with the whole stem cell research thing that's going on now, but the movie cloning was just shoddy workmanship. They KILLED living beings. It's murder.
Do you think we should have laws regulating it? Well, I don't think you should make a clone if you don't NEED one.
Quote a Movie Line. Just for Fun.: "You know when you close your eyes and wish for something really, really hard? God's the guy who ignores you."

This is the Picture section. Posting pictures makes people squee and we're all camwhores at heart anyway. Please post at least three
Omg, I'm sorry. I've only got one and it's me making a monkey face. My computer stopped loading my camera pics after this one and hasn't been able to since. *cry*

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