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Rate Your Mod!


Name:Carolyn. Or Ramen if you require Internet Formality.
Astrological Info:Gemini/Rabbit. Supposedly I'm good with Sales and with people. I leave you to judge.
Chinese Astrological Info:Rabbit. Rabbits are supposed to be outgoing and popular.
Describe yourself visually:Sandy Gold Hair (Thanks to spintherevolver for that) Above average height for a female, pear shaped, big boned, muscular.
Five Character Traits/Positive:Intelligent, Loyal, a Leader, Funny, Friendly, Quick
Five Character Traits/Negative:Willing to do whatever it takes, Smartass, god-complex, manic,self-centered.
Do you lead a healthy lifestyle?:Marginally.

The Details
Favorites:The Island, Star wars, Sin City, Resident Evil (Movies and Games) Reading, Anything Asian/Far Eastern, Ewan McGregor, Halo, Kabuki Comics, cookie dough ice cream, graphicsmaking, science, law enforcement, biotech
Not-So-Favorites:Stupid people, people who get in my way, Being sick, throwing up, people who censor creativity, George Bush, idiots, people who just don't GET it.
strengths:Intelligence, Drawing, graphics skills, collecting things, humor.
Weaknesses:Weight, Hair color, lack of makeup and finesse.

This or That?
Good of Mankind or Good of the Company?Good of the Company. Honesty is the best policy.
Profit or Charity?Profit. See Above.
Bacon or Bran?Bacon *smirk*
Blue or Gray?Blue. A Nice Calming Blue
Color or no-Color?Color. I'm an Artist.
Cats or Dogs?Cats
Mexican or Italian?Mexican
Motorcycle or Airplane?Airplane
Star Wars or Star Trek?StarWars

The Movie's Details
Favorite Movie Character and Why:(Be DETAILED)Merrick. There is something about those sorts of characters that's just...attracting. I'm like Mirage in The Incredibles, attracted to power. That and I've always admired smart guys. Those of you who know me know that I've ALWAYS had a thing for smart guys who bad stuff happesn to...
Least Favorite and why:(See above)Albert Larent. Not because of the Character but because they didn't develop him nearly enough.
Would you Clone Yourself if you could live forever/fight any disease?:Immortality? of Course.
What is your opinion on Cloning?Something that should be regulated, or something that I want to be on the inside of. Like making the rules/working for the company doing it so that if the clones ever rose up they wouldn't kill me cause the company would give me protection.
Do you think we should have laws regulating it? Of course. As I said.
Quote a Movie Line. Just for Fun.:
"The agnates, they are not people. they do not feel, they have no souls..."

I'm so badass. as the mod I'll quote TWO!

"Two of our products have escaped."
"Impressive, considering that they're vegetative."

This is the Picture section. Posting pictures makes people squee and we're all camwhores at heart anyway. Please post at least three
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