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You Have Been Chosen


Name: Kristin
Age: 14
Astrological Info: Capricorn
Chinese Astrological Info: Goat/Ram
Describe yourself visually: Uh... I have a very curvy body, wavey brown/blonde hair, wide blue eyes... and, isn't this what the pictures are for?
Five Character Traits/Positive: Understanding, determined, hopeful, intelligent and strong.
Five Character Traits/Negative: Broody, impatient, self-critical, (overly) stubborn and in-kept.
Do you lead a healthy lifestyle?: I feel I do, yes.

The Details
Favorites: Favorites of...? Eh, my favorite food is Chinese, favorite color is red...etc, if that's what you're asking.
Not-So-Favorites: None come to mind right at hand.
Strengths: Giving pep-talks, puzzles, speeches, determination, athleticism.
Weaknesses: Fear of drowning, stubborness to a fault...plenty more things.

This or That?
Good of Mankind or Good of the Company? Good of Mankind
Profit or Charity? Well, a little bit of both, but mostly charity.
Bacon or Bran? ...Bacon.
Blue or Gray? Blue
Color or no-Color? Color
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Mexican or Italian? Italian
Motorcycle or Airplane? Motorcycle
Star Wars or Star Trek? Eh, Star Wars.

The Movie's Details
Favorite Movie Character and Why:Probably Merrick. Not only is he played by an extremely talented actor, but I like how he's so ruthless and all that. It may not be an admirable attribute, but it's kind of interesting to see into the mind of someone like this character, how their mind works, why they do what they do.
Least Favorite and why: I don't think I had one.
Would you Clone Yourself if you could live forever/fight any disease?: No, I wouldn't.
What is your opinion on Cloning? I think it's something that we need to leave alone. I personally think it could get way out of hand, and we shouldn't be messing with it.
Do you think we should have laws regulating it? It would probably be somewhat helpful, but I don't think it would stop scientists from cloning.
Quote a Movie Line. Just for Fun.: "Muaahahaha! Looking for this? ...Is that my voice? Is that... my voice?" - Emperor's New Groove

This is the Picture section. Posting pictures makes people squee and we're all camwhores at heart anyway. Please post at least three
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